Brie Brulé Crostini

Brie Brulé Crostini

Confession: I don't think it's fair for me to call this a "recipe" - it's more of a thoughtful arrangement of delicious things. When you've got great ingredients like brie, good quality baguette, and fresh herbs you're already winning. All you need is a touch of creativity to put them together in a fun way and your guests will be so impressed and so satisfied! The exact amount of each ingredient in wholly dependent upon the amount you'd like to serve, so do adjust accordingly. The only specialty tool required for this is a handy, dandy kitchen blowtorch, but it's one of my kitchen essentials so I highly recommend sourcing one. Serve these crostini with wine, cocktails, or my favourite pairing - champagne.


baguette, sliced thinly
brie, sliced
granulated sugar
fresh thyme, leaves picked


  1. Place a slice of brie onto each piece of baguette.
  2. Dress each slice of brie with a nice dressing of sugar (as you would for creme brule). The coating should cover the cheese so that the flame touches only the sugar, not the cheese.
  3. Ignite your kitchen torch and pass it over the sugar until it's melted and golden brown. Then sprinkle thyme leaves over each crostini and serve.